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A.A Badenhorst 2015

South Africa has the most dedicated Chenin Blanc planted to vine in the entire world, even overthrowing the Loire Valley. South Africa, on the Cape, consists of one of the most ancient soils, compared to more established wine regions around the globe. Unfortunately, after recovering from phylloxera, and partied, the industry had pulled much old bush Chenin Blanc. Such a tragedy, because Chenin blanc can grow like a weed and lose its embracive acidity and complex aromatics and flavors. The Badenhorst Estate has demonstrated respect to this varietal, making Steen (pronounced “stain” in African; means stone), from Old bush vines planted since the ’50s. The Swartland, known mostly for growing wheat and other grains is just realizing it’s potential to craft exceptional wines on soils of granite and shale.

Pale gold. On the nose high intensity, Yellow apples, bruised anjou pears, pineapple lemon zest, grapefruit, orange blossom, camomile, oriental spice and dusted vanilla. On the palate, dry, medium+ acid, high alcohol, full-body, rich texture, high intensity, with ripe bruised pears, pineapple, quince, lemon pie, exotic spices, oak, tea leaves long finish. This an outstanding wine with layers of ripe fruit, spicy, aromatic, backed by lively acid, coats the mouth with a creamy body, strong structure of oak and mineral core. This wine can stand to age supported by ample acid intense fruit and influence of oak.


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