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A great Cava under $10


The term CHAMPAGNE for over 300 hundred years has been enveloped in the definition of luxury wine. Wines with bubbles, the cork popping, and gathered friends or a night of romance, represents a wine for someone with deep pockets. I’m a fan of wines with effervescence, and for me in this climate of COVID-19, everyday is a day to celebrate.

I don’t call this wine an “Everyday Wine”, rather I prefer “Workday Day” wine. You never have to have a reason to open up a bottle regardless of price. Bubbles is the order of the day, it’s a palate cleanser, it pairs with just about ANY cuisine, and bubbles are the ultimate mood booster.

Penedes, an exceptional source of white grapes for the production of Spain’s revered sparkling wine, Cava. The Penedes region is part of Catalunya and is located just south of Barcelona. Medio Penedès is the most productive source of the native Cava grapes;  Macabeo, Xarel-lo, and Parellada. Penedes also grows Garnacha and Tempranillo, here called Ull de Llebre in Catalan, for high marked reds and rosès.

 The Masachs family from the commune of Villafranca, Penedes was founded by D. Josep Masachs Llorach in his 20’s in the 1920s. The area of merit had already been christened by the Romans, planting these indigenous varieties. Sparkling wines made solely for family consumption. The 1920’s must have been a great year because it was also the year the great Marchese Mario Incisa Della Roqetta in the Doc Bolgheri, Toscana, birth Sassicaia and the Roaring 20’s quenched the palates of Americans with pools of sparkling wine; perhaps Mas Fi Cava was among the suspects.

Josep’s son Juve elevated the same tradition in 1977 by launching a new line of Cava such as this one. It sensationalized how sparkling wine can exhibit a depth of flavor and yet implore an attractive price point. It immediately became recognized not only domestically but on the export markets. Continued success came in 1985 when Masachs restored the winery in the Monsara Estate, located in the municipality of Torrelles de Foix. Today Masachs is dedicated to constant improvement instituted by the house’s creators.

NON VINTAGE (NV): A term commonly reserved for Champagne and Sparkling Wines, non-vintage or simply “NV” on a label demonstrates a blend of finished wines from multiple vintages (years of harvest). To make non-vintage Champagne, generally the current year’s harvest, in other words, the current vintage forms the base of the blend. Finished wines from preceding years, called “vins de reserve” are blended in at approximately 10-50% of the total volume in order to attain the flavor, complexity, body, and acidity for the chosen house style. A small proportion of Champagnes are made from one vintage. It allows the house to create a consistent signature style. I like to use Mcdonalds as an example, no matter where you are in the world, their hamburgers will always taste the same.

Notice the straw pale gold color with insistent tiny beads snaking to the top forming a crown with hints of emerald hue at the rim. On the nose it’s delicate with refreshing ripe tree and stone fruits baked granny apples, zesty lime, and lemon curd oriental spices; ginger cinnamon lemongrass and buttered biscuits. On the palate dry, bright medium acid, medium-  alcohol glossy mousse medium intensity with ripe flavors orchards fruits peach and apricot sauce, mango chutney, creamy citrus yogurt and biscuits medium + finish. This wine portrays a feminine nose but presents bold flavors. It’s a very good wine with lively acid, complemented with a potpourri of plum fruit. It’s a mouthful, concentrated on the mid-palate and refreshes with a sassy finish. I don’t give it an outstanding appraisal because it donates generously now. I wouldn’t cellar this wine. For $6.58 US dollars and Uncle Sam, you can celebrate any day of the week. Available at Hi Time Wine Cellars. 

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