Bourgogne Alicote 2016

Plale gold, intensity light on the nose citrus fruit of Lemons tart green and yellow apples, bruised pear orange zest, wet leaf perfumed with honey and orange blossoms, honeysuckle, young ginger. On the palate, its dry high acid, medium alcohol, light-body, light intensity, with flavors of zesty citrus lemon oranges tree fruits of fresh apples and ripe bartlett pear and quince, delicately floral with honeysuckle and lively texture medium finish. This a good simple wine.

It’s light body and aromas and flavors fall short of a lengthy finish. It’s very bright and youthful but lacks complexity in its bouquet. It doesn’t suggest a lack of proper winemaking but a made of a varietal short of depth and character and perhaps best as a blending partner rather than a stand-alone grape. It’s an easy-drinking wine.


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