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    Peking Duck

    When I cook I’m constantly challenging myself, If I can top the last meal. Can I duplicate a dish that has been made for thousands of years in the 21st century in my kitchen. I always want to pay respect to tradition since my mama never followed a recipe. When I asked her how much she would put into what, she’d look at me perplexed. I gave up the notepad, quickly catching on, a hands on approach is the only way learn. Without abandon I dove into Peking Duck, yes a dish made for royalty. For anyone attempting it too, be prepared to dedicate time, as there’s no cutting corners, Any recipe who make such claims, move on.

    First, you don’t have to break the bank purchasing a whole duck. An asian market do stock, as I bought mine locally at 99 Ranch Market for $20. When we travelled to Hong Kong, our bucket list was to experience a Peking Duck dinner from the oldest and famous of the craft. Establish in 1864, the original Quanjude (name means perfection without flaw) has been crafting Peking Duck for 155 years located in the Kowloon LG south Sea Center. Avoid Sunday as they don’t get a fresh shipment till Tuesday, The ducks turn out faster and fresher Wednesday through Saturday.

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