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K Syrah the Deal 2015 by K Vintners

Washington state is the second-largest producer in the United States. They are world-renowned for the super bulk #1 producer of riesling from chateau St. Michele in the entire world; 20 million cases. The state produces wines from many other varieties, most notably reds. I’m not sure who coined Merlot as Washington State’s signature varietal. However, gravel, loess soils, and continental dry sunny cool climate resonate bold fleshy, mineral-driven Syrah. Charlie Smith K is a God in Washington state. This wine is no Exception from his line-up. Deep ruby.

High intensity with dark berries, blueberries, black currant, raisins, stewed prunes, soy sauce, salami, earth dusted dark chocolate, Fresh cedar. On the palate, dry, medium acid, silky medium tannins, high alcohol, high intensity, stalky texture, medium-plus finish. This is a good wine. It explodes with deep ripe dark fruit, the tannins are slightly unripe. Unbalance between fruit acid and tannin. Drinking now will deliver pleasantly, rich bold and intoxicating.


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