This is a rough translation of this affectionate story. There is no benevolent love than a love for  Mami. I know, I can’t remember how many times I told her throughout my life if I could give her the world on a platter of gold, I would. La Mesma means “The Same”, was founded in 2001 by three sisters; Paloa, Francesca, and Anna. The family-owned a charming home in the soul of Gavi in the municipality of Monterotondo. Gavi is located in Piedmont, a region of Italy bordering France and Switzerland sits at the foot of the Alps. Italy is a blanket of picturesque vineyards everywhere, and I can champion Mami for wanting her own vineyard.  A few acres of vineyards were bought, but why buy vineyards when you can make wine too. In 2004 the sisters bought an estate in the municipality of Tassarolo, Gavi, called La Bella Alleanza; “The Pretty Alliance”. Between the two areas, they are making wine that would make any Mami proud.

Their specialty is elegant floral wines, still and sparkling,  made from the signature grape of the region, Cortese.

Cortese is a white  Italian wine grape variety predominantly grown in the southeastern regions of Piedmont in the provinces of Alessandria and Asti. It is most famous for its role in the crisp, lime-scented wines of Gavi. The variety is known for its bracingly high acidity and its ability to retain freshness, even when grown in hot environments.

Gavi, despite the Alps to the North and the Apennines Mountains to the east, has some Adriatic Sea influence. This gives the grapes a slightly longer growing season in a continental climate. The vineyards are organically farmed on limestone soils, grapes are hand-harvested, each vineyard is vinified separately and the winery is also equipped with a photovoltaic system; for efficient production of electricity.

This wine has a straw pale gold with attractive perlage. Intensity is delicately medium- dominated by citrus fruits of lemon, orange, tangerine, tree fruits of yellow apple, honeysuckle, almond butter, and crusty bread. On the palate, it’s dry, with medium acid, medium alcohol, full-body, silky mousse, medium+  intensity with zesty citrus fruits, lemon curd, ripe apple pie, fragrant with honeycomb and yellow flowers medium length. This is a good wine. On the nose it’s tight, serving less chilled will open the notes but on the palate transfers to full body. Flavors dominate the palate and the notes are more perfumed. It is chiseled with a fine mousse and smooth texture. But the finish dissipates, a few more sips will cure that. It’s a pretty wine, the balance of acid and flavors aren’t supportive. This wine has been 18 months on the yeast and I still would recommend this sparkler. It’s uncomplicated, a very pretty wine and delightful to drink. It’s priced at its level of quality. In my opinion, the Cortese grape is best demonstrated in a still wine., where it’s aromatics and flavors combust into an age-worthy wine. Grazie La Mesma for honoring Mami. This lovely wine can be bought at Hi-Time Wine Cellars.


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