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Medium lemon, medium intensity on the nose bold citrus lemon, lime, mandarin orange, lime zest apricot, white peach, crushed oyster shells, white bread, green peppercorns, and water lilies. On the palate dry, high acid, medium alcohol, medium- body, medium intensity, lively texture, Juicy citrus lemon yogurt, orange zest, tree fruits white peach, apricot pit, wet salted rocks, mineral yeast, white sesame bread, chalk, long finish. This an outstanding wine.

The straight concentration of fresh citrus fruit compliments high acid and mineral core. Its light body characteristic combined with youthful clean aromas and flavors suggests a cool climate. It has a delicate balance of complex flavors and strong structure, intense yeast gives depth and a fine long finish. Drink now but can develop into toasted flavors, lemon cheesecake, orange gingerbread, and toasted black peppercorns.


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