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Marisa and Kris Beverly, Santa Ynez residents, whose nails are soiled with Santa Maria terroir, touch their grapes through vinification and express each individual wine with its own personal design. Not confined to experiment with other grapes not commonly planted in the area, such as the Italian varietal Teroldego, while some wines are artistically blended with Syrah. These wines are independently sophisticated, floral fruit, savory spices, bright acid, lavish tannins while giving way to rustic qualities, such as earth and restrained oak. $25-$40


Here is my Q & A with Marisa and Kris

What would you describe your style of wines produced?

Our style of winemaking is that of the old world. Minimal manipulation, focusing on balanced sugar and acidity in the grapes before harvesting.

What made you become a winemaker?

I’ve had a dream since I was a teenager. 100% because of the impression my uncle, Jim Clendenen had on me. My style of winemaking comes from him and what I’ve learned working at Au Bon Climat/Qupé/Verdad.

What is your ultimate challenge making the wines /or being a winemaker?

The ultimate challenge for being a winemaker is sales! When you want to be a serious winery, but are still in the boutique stages of production, the majority of sales have to come directly from you.

What impression would you want your consumer to walk away with?

We would hope that the consumer walking away was excited about finding Bevela Wines and enjoying the art that’s in and out of the bottle. Trusting our winemaking and having the confidence that their purchase can be enjoyed now or decades to come.

Do you make wine YOU like to drink or what the CONSUMER likes to drink?

We make wine with the consumer in mind, but find it’s not for the general mass market. We like to make wine that is food-friendly and can age. This is something a specific clientele looks for, but one that we find appreciates the product of our work.

Visit: http://www.bevelawines.com


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