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    Eric Isselee Review


    Brilliant Gold Yellow color, on the nose it’s exposed with fragrant white exotic flowers, sunkissed yellow apples bruised pears and juicy tangerines. On the palate the flavors are persistent, stoney dry, zesty medium acid and a medium muscular body, delicate medium alcohol and steadfast mousse, mineral core, natural yeast and a lengthy finish.

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    Storybook Mountain Vineyards

    Dark brooding ruby color, intoxicating nose of black wild cherries, ripe juicy raspberries, baked strawberries swooned with tobacco and savory black pepper and spicy vanilla. On the plate Dry succulent backbone bright medium acid medium body and medium velour tannins, warming alcohol, structured, comforting seductive long finish…these are the wines of…..


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    There’s times you travel and not realize what you’re experiencing until later. In conversation the memory of it comes to mind conceiving the fact you had the fortune of stumbling onto a treasure. That is how how I felt about Gypsy Canyon Winery. Two wines of of note Ancient Gypsy Canyon Estate Ancient Vine Angelica non-Vintage Sta. Rita Hills and Gypsy Canyon Trois Pinot Noir 2010 Sta. Rita Hills. A hand blown bottle, handmade paper label printed on a manual letterpress and cork sealed with estate harvest beeswax. These wines are personally crafted from vine to bottle by the legendary somewhat seclusive Deborah Hall.

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    Champagne Laherte Freres

    Champagne Laherte Freres is run by the dynamic Aurélien Laherte, who has been at the helm of his family’s estate since 2005 in the Valle De La Marne. Laherte Freres was founded in 1889 in the village of Chavot in the Coteaux Sud D’Epernay, and over the generations the vineyard holdings have slowly grown to 10.5 hectares, but always there has been an emphasis on allowing full terroir expression in the wines through careful farming. To that end, Aurélien farms 7 hectares biodynamically and certified organic, with the other vineyards farmed uncertified organic or, at minimum, sustainably. Laherte Freres under Aurélien’s leadership has started to produce a series of single vineyard and single vintage cuvées vinified in Burgundy barrels without malolactic fermentation and bottled without fining or filtration. 

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    “I always wanted to improve on the idea of living well, in moderation…. wine is good for you, mentally, physically, and spiritually” -Robert Gerald Mondavi

    There’s no denying Robert Gerald Mondavi, the face of Napa Valley was an avant-garde charlatan. The Robert Mondavi Winery opened in 1966 after he was tossed out of the Charles Krug family business with no money. Initially the winery was a showcase of the latest technology employed with luminary founders of Grgich and Stags Leap. The winery is located along highway 29 in Oakville, CA.. What makes this location so special is what’s behind the winery, the Kalon Vineyard, or correctly To Kalon, meaning “place of highest beauty”. Planted in the 1870’s the vineyard is home to some of the oldest vines in Napa Valley on bale clay loam. It was left abandoned in the wake of prohibition but it was then resurrected by Mondavi.

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    Lealtanza Review Deep Ruby


    Deep ruby, on the nose red and black cherries with red and black plum, raw walnuts, charcuterie, smokey and carbon pencil lead. On the palate dry bright medium acid medium plus alcohol, grippy chiseled medium plus tannins, full body intense red fruit with slight menthol, smoked coconut and lead swarming the mid palate, long finish. 

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    Peking Duck

    When I cook I’m constantly challenging myself, If I can top the last meal. Can I duplicate a dish that has been made for thousands of years in the 21st century in my kitchen. I always want to pay respect to tradition since my mama never followed a recipe. When I asked her how much she would put into what, she’d look at me perplexed. I gave up the notepad, quickly catching on, a hands on approach is the only way learn. Without abandon I dove into Peking Duck, yes a dish made for royalty. For anyone attempting it too, be prepared to dedicate time, as there’s no cutting corners, Any recipe who make such claims, move on.

    First, you don’t have to break the bank purchasing a whole duck. An asian market do stock, as I bought mine locally at 99 Ranch Market for $20. When we travelled to Hong Kong, our bucket list was to experience a Peking Duck dinner from the oldest and famous of the craft. Establish in 1864, the original Quanjude (name means perfection without flaw) has been crafting Peking Duck for 155 years located in the Kowloon LG south Sea Center. Avoid Sunday as they don’t get a fresh shipment till Tuesday, The ducks turn out faster and fresher Wednesday through Saturday.

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    Classic late harvest Furment produced from shriveled berries untouch by botrytis from high atop Lapis vineyard. Handsome Tokaji bouquet of pink grapefruit, white lilies gives the wine a romantic touch, accented by orange blossom, beeswax. On the palate it’s fresh, viscous with stone fruit of white peach and apricot, enveloped with a mineral core, fluid and sharp, long finish great with a sea bass or pate.

    95% Furmint 4% harslevelu 1% Muscat de Lunel  in Hungarian oak 100% Lapis Vineyard

    More wines are being vinified dry from the indigenous grapes and are matured briefly in stainless steel tanks. They will have some residual sugar and will generally last three to five years depending on the vintage.                                                       

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    CUVEE 89 brut by Gruet Methode Champenoise

    Pale yellow lazy bubbles.
    On the nose medium plus intensity, crisp fruit aromas of green apples, bruised pear, peach pith generous mineral, melba toast, fully developed

    On the palate dry with medium acid and medium plus body ripe orchard fruits and meyer lemon zest and a touch of graphite (maybe it’s the soil). It’s creamy mousse and generous minerality coats the palate with enough acid to balance an uncomplicated finish.

    This is a good wine for the value. It gives the drinker clear acid, ripe fruit, and a kiss of mineral. It can be drunk alone, in a bilini or with any cuisine for fuss free enjoyment. I’d advise against waiting to long to drink as New mexico climate waits for no one. Enjoy now!