Santa Julia Natural La Mantis Pet Nat 2022

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La Mantis, Santa Julia Sparkling Natural Wine 2022

Preying For Bubbles

While I was looking for a sparkler to feed my thirst for the style, my eyes immediately fixated on La Mantis as it stood out among the other bottles of wine on the shelf. Its eye-catching label featured a large Praying Mantis preying on it. Intrigued, I held the bottle up to my eye level, to take in the beauty of the overcast of white wine sealed with a crown cap. There was something so captivating about this sparkling wine. I no longer needed an excuse to enjoy a bottle of bubbles; La Mantis had become that excuse.


Why Praying Mantis  

Julia was taking a journey through her family’s 800 acre vineyard, when she suddenly caught a glimpse of a Praying Mantis. It appeared to exist in a comfortable habit where it reigned king. The Praying Mantis is:

  • adaptable, changes with the mood
  • very patient predator
  • blend into its environment 
  • lives independently
  • Give a sense of emotions
Santa Julia La Mantis

Santa Julia La Mantis


Generally, insects have been symbols of courage, tenacity, faith, and spirituality since antiquity. People in Ancient Greece and Egypt associated the Praying Mantis with offering guidance to those who needed it, in life or death.

Assuming Julia Zuccardi had it right in her thoughts La Mantis expresses all of the personality of the exuberant Praying Mantis.


Who Is Santa Juilia Bodega

Since the 1990s, Santa Julia Bodega’s founder, engineer Alberto Zuccardi, realized a vision for his progressive ideas of a winery. Most of their vineyards are located within the wine-producing mecca of Mendoza, but also the critically acclaimed Valle De Uco in the cooler southern half of the region. Together with Zuccardi’s son Jose Alberto and his daughter, Julia Zuccardi (whom the bodega is named for), they are continuing their father’s project. Santa Julia is leading Argentina not only with organic wines but also with the unofficial defined term of natural wines. Zuccardi La Mantis is the first organic and natural wine from Bodega Santa Julia. Their goal is to persist in promoting organic wines which, through their processes, have a beneficial effect on the environment.


Adapting Globally

2022 is a  spectacular vintage of natural wines from Santa Julia Winery in Mendoza Argentina. Utilizing the Ancestral Method (or Pet Nat) and a single fermentation in the bottle, rather than the traditional method of Champagne’s double fermentation, the collection includes Chardonnay grapes harvested from the Maipú region.

If you’re looking for something that bridges the gap between lager beer and wine, La Mantis sparkling is sure to satisfy. This sparkling has a pleasingly refreshing taste, yet with succulent and ripe acidity, showcasing delightful notes of pineapple guava, green mango, and ginger banana peel, all rounded off with a touch of sweet spice. Think of a Moscow Mule, only with an alcohol content of 11.5%.

There are countless stores in South America and North America this wine is available, especially the 2022.


Tap Inter Your Inner Child

This wine provides me with a feeling of excitement, like I am in an adult playground. Pétillant Naturel, also known as Natural Sparkling Wine, is the French term for the old, traditional way of creating sparkling wines, first developed in the 16th century. With one fermentation, the bubbles of the Petallant Natural were stored within the bottle, similar to how a Praying Mantis evolves. It is internationally referred to as Pet Nat for convenience, making it a fun yet invigorating experience for the senses.

Because of the nature of sealing the evervescence within the bottle with a single fermentation, it varies every time, even if it’s the same batch. The perfect analogy would be opening a box of Cracker Jacks as a child and not knowing what the prize inside was. You never knew what you were going to get, which added to the drama of the experience. You never know what you’re going to get when you open a bottle of Pet Nat. This is the most natural wine you will ever taste because there is no filtering and nothing else is added; it is simply allowed to spawn. This is why I enjoy Pet Nats. If this is the case,

About Winesellers, Ltd.

It’s difficult to focus on the passion of production while also raising the capital to distribute, as it is for many small producers. Winesellers, Ltd., founded in the late 1970s by Yale Sager, is a family importer and marketer of fine wines in the United States. The company seeks wines with premium characteristics in relation to their price range, and Santa Julia Bodega is no exception. The Winesellers, Ltd. portfolio includes brands from Argentina, France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Italy, and New Zealand, as well as representation in all states in the United States. That’s remarkable, and it demonstrates the potential and respectability of this jewel, which has only been around for about 30 years!

I can’t express enough how highly I recommend this One Fermentation Sparkler. It will adjust to fit any occasion, taking time to give you pure pleasure, and meld into the environment you pick to indulge in. Unconcerned with any judgment you may have, it will certainly evoke all of your happiest feelings.

Have you ever had a One Fermentation Sparkler?

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