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I saw this bottle deep in my cellar that I remembered I bought for some reason, with my Babito when we first visited Temecula to explore their wines. I was deep into a student of wine with WSET. The end title to ultimately to be knighted Master of Wine is a long and expensive journey. I have to taste hundreds of wines weekly and the expense alone can leave you homeless. I thought, hell, Let’s explore the wines of  Temecula AVA on a dime for the weekend.  The joke was on me with that notion. Let’s be honest, NOTHING in California is for the frugal and Temecula, had us on a blind eye. For this reason, I had to review GERSHON BACHUS and remind myself why I concluded on this winery and particularly this bottle. So many reasons are coming to my brain right now.


First, why would you leave California to visit Tuscany, when you have Gershon Bachus Winery. After all, that’s what the winery describes themselves; “Tuscany meets Temecula”. You’ll find the same tagline on many reviews and I question that. I will say Cabernet Franc IS grown in Tuscany commercialized on the “concept” of Super Tuscan wines. However, I believe in the power of education and knowledge gives you the ability to make the best decision that suits you. On that note, Italians would NEVER make up such a crazy idea about their wines. It’s just an American idea used to supersize their wines. So secondly,  there’s NOTHING Italian about it let alone Temecula. For the record, Cabernet Franc is a Bordeaux Varietal and yes it’s dear old Dad to the Hercules of grapes, Cabernet Sauvignon. Lastly, the confusion is the honest man behind the legacy he left behind is Jewish! 


Gershon Bachus was a no-nonsense Jewish soul who immigrated to the United States from Europe in 1922 with his wife and two girls. Like the culture back home enjoying life and fine wine is what he wanted to duplicate in Southern California. The ironic part about the story is although he generously made wine for family and friends, he never owned vineyards. Fast forward to the 21st century, in 2007, his grandson, Ken Falik along with his Bella wife Christina captivated Saba’s vision! Even producing Kosher wines in accordance to the practice in homage to Saba. For this, I appreciate why I bought this wine.


I’m not sure what was the inspiration for building a massive winery, an Italian style villa. It’s set above the main Portola Wine Trail like a fantastical cloud with breathtaking views of the valley. It’s interesting to me how Gershon Buchus’s name closely resembles BACCHUS (note the double “C”), the Roman god of agriculture, wine, and fertility. He’s equivalent to the Greek god Dionysus just with an Italian name. He can roll that way. The other interesting thought is that the winemaker, Dakota Denton (he looks like Blake Shelton), names the wine “ERATO”.  Erato means lovey and was one of nine muses in Greek mythology of erotic poetry, music, and dance. I think between Bacchus and Erato they had a few songs and dances themselves.

Twelve years is a LONG time to age a bottle of wine from heat scotched Temecula Valley. This article ended up being longer than the short I had anticipated. By looking at the label there’s so much info on it, like most Californian wine bottles, you already know everything there is to know about it. You almost feel, when you look at labels like these, the producer is trying to justify what they made. Anyways:

The color is like staring into the Black Hole. It’s deep, dark, and omniscient. On the nose it follows the ripe Black fruit, dried fig, and shriveled prunes, there a hint of baked pasilla peppers, toasted coconut, and chocolate-covered blueberries muffins.

On the palate, I had to let it breathe out its 14.7 % alcohol. On the body it’s mouth-filling and opulent,  it’s almost like having a meal followed with dessert for a long finish.

I’m so glad I opened Gershon Bachus “Erato” 2009 because I feel today this is where their wines express their true expression. It’s a wine easy to drink and yet easy to forget. I wonder if Saba would have approved of the wine even though in his spirit, he did finally get his vineyard in the sky. 


I have a problem with new wine regions piggybacking on the popularity of historically respected wine regions. If new wine regions want to establish an Identity then they ought to STOP comparing themselves to others. 


“be proud of the unique attributes your wine region offers. Consumers are more wine savvy these days and are palate fatigued with pools of the same wine just with a different label. Don’t play on a consumer following with ignorance. Because in the end, ignorance breeds bad wine”.


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