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Who isn’t happy when they drink wine. Sempre Cuntenuis is a lantern to a French-owned island with a solid Italian influence. Just like Alsace is French, it is still strongly German influenced. This is a wine that not only translates to the name “Always Happy”, but even looking at the label can bring a smile to your face. I have said many times that don’t judge a book by its cover. One look at the bottle you can easily dismiss it as a sketchy bottle. I just think the producers are retro and they’re looking to combine the thirst-quenching British wine follies,  with a modern twist.   Sempre Centenuis is a throwback to a Bordeaux Claret.

CLARET: Back in the 12th century It was a term used by the British for red wines that were quickly pressed and then fermented. It was a cross between a masculine rose and a bashful red wine. It was made in bulk without the patience to pair with their most prized dish, Chateaubriand before they can move on to Port and pipes!

What’s interesting to me is the BRITS  coined the description of the wine as “INSIPID” (meaning dull), but this wine is nothing but exciting. How many wines you get to taste coming off an island sandwiched between The French Riviera and Italian Riviera. 

Word on the street Trump proclaimed Corsica officially Italian. Yet No one cares what a politician claims. The fact is Corsica rocks to its own beat. It’s the 4th largest island in the Mediterranean and lies southeast of France and north of Italy. I really love my Italian heritage as we don’t care about property claims, it’s living “La Dolce Vita” through VINO!

The color of the wine brilliantly flushed, on the nose, it was like waiting for the autumn harvest orchard fruit to ripen. Yet the wild berry fruit dismisses what you would identify as auster. It really delivers bright fruit, mineral and with a bursting note of young acidity. As a side note, pop this guy in the fridge a little. Enjoy alone, or with a charcuterie plate or your main meal… Corsican wines are getting away from the Tug-A- War” from their FRENCH/ITALIAN counterparts. Sempre Cuntenuis is a wine worth trying while getting to know an Old world British Claret with a modern twist… Have any of you tasted Corsican wines?????


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