Cave Gargantua Di Cuneaz Laurent Pinot Grigio 2017

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Unveiling a History Adorned with Panache

The enchanting tale of this wine commences with Nonno Pierino Cunéaz, a charismatic character whose wine legacy thrives through the hands of his grandsons, the dynamic duo of Laurent and André Cunéaz. A modern winery was born in Gressan, a tranquil town at the picturesque apex of Italy’s Aosta Valley region. This location’s uniqueness lies in its embrace of three nations: France, Switzerland, and Italy. It holds a remarkable distinction as the second Italian city boasting an impressive array of surviving Roman ruins, a testament to its rich historical tapestry.

Unveiling the Enchantment

Valle d’ Aosta (Aosta Valley) is a quirk of Italian geography that even baffles Italians themselves. Among the nation’s twenty administrative regions, Aosta Valley emerges as an independent and exotic anomaly. It’s as if a puzzle piece of Italy detached and found itself elegantly perched on the country’s far Northwest corner, just a hair’s breadth above its famed counterpart, Piedmont. This region, Italy’s smallest, dons its unique cultural attire, a mosaic woven by the influences of its French, Swiss, and Italian neighbors.

Imagine the picturesque landscape of Gressan, where pristine snow carpets the ground, juxtaposed against the intense azure of the sky. This idyllic scene unravels within the embrace of the renowned Pila ski area, captivating discerning travelers with panoramic views of Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, the Grand Combin, and the Matterhorn. Gressan, aptly named after the colossal mountain depression molded by ancient glaciers, known as Gargantua, paints a poetic backdrop for this wine’s journey.

The Magnitude of Legacy

Venturing back to the turn of the 20th century, Nonno Pierino embarked on his viticultural adventure, crafting homemade wines he generously shared throughout the region. Now, proudly bearing the torch of their non-no’s legacy, brothers Laurent and André embarked on their winemaking journey in 2013.

Rooted in the Heart of Diversity

As Gargantua echoes with the stories of yesteryears, the roots of this legacy still intertwine with the present through the ancestral vines of “Vieilles Vignes.” In Valle D’Aosta, deciphering the grape tapestry can be as rewarding as uncorking a prized bottle. Alongside the classic protagonist, Pinot Gris, this land nurtures an array of native varieties with evocative names like Cornalin, Petit Rouge, Majolet, Vien de Nus, and others. Among these, Italian and international classics harmoniously converge – think Barbera, Dolcetto, Freisa, Pinot Noir, and Gamay. The sprawling Pila vines in Gressan form a vinous fingerprint, an elongated hill known as the “Gargantua finger.”

Unveiling the Essence of Cave Gargantua Pinot Gris 2017

Cave Gargantua Pinot Gris

Cave Gargantua Pinot Gris

In this enchanting region, the grape dons a French alias, Pinot Gris, rather than the familiar Italian nomenclature (Pinot Grigio), paying homage to its altitude-enriched terroir. With just 40 acres devoted to Pinot Gris in the entire region, Cave Gargantua Pinot Gris emerges as a masterpiece that dances to the rhythm of Alsace, France, rather than conforming to the styles of Northeastern Italy.

In reverence to this naming, Valle d’Aosta Pinot Gris captures the essence of ripe orchard fruits, accompanied by a symphony of perfumed aromas and full-fat flavors. Its golden hue, reminiscent of sun-kissed treasures, clings lovingly to the glass after each sip. A four-month embrace of neutral oak adds a touch of richness, while an additional five months in stainless steel bestows a refreshing vibrancy.

The Chronicles of 2017: A Vintage Tale

The 2017 vintage, a canvas brushed with limited strokes compared to its 2016 counterpart due to a frosty setback, gave rise to a mere 2000 bottles of this elixir. Yet, from adversity emerged brilliance, allowing the surviving grapes to weave a narrative of complexity and depth. The resulting wine embraces persistence and tension, concluding delicately and brilliantly.

In the realm of wine, Cave Gargantua di Cunéaz Laurent Pinot Grigio 2017 stands as a beacon of heritage, a tribute to terroir, and a treasure for the palate. An invitation to explore beyond borders, to savor stories, and to journey through the symphony of flavors – are you ready to sip from the cup of Valle d’Aosta’s enigmatic magic?

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