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There are many rockstar vineyard sites in the Mosel region of Germany. It’s the most popular wine region of the country and what the majority of consumers associate with when it comes to German wines. The Mönchhof is one of the oldest Wine ‘Estates at the Mosel. 

Pope Alexander III declared Monchoff the first Wine Estate, possession of the abbey in the year 1177 in Uerzig! The monks built the wine-cellar at that time and in 1509 the estate can still be admired today with all its antiquity. In 1804, after the secularization by Napoleon, the Monchhof family acquired the Wine Estate in Paris. How’s that to summarize the character of these timeless wines? 

The Erdener Prälat vineyard is a very respected site, laying claim to ONLY a sprinkling of producers. It rests quietly at the steepest peak of the river, worshiping maximum sun exposure to the south. The rare and famous red slate soils that drink up the day’s heat, you can bet your best bottle that you WON’T  find anything but Auslese styles or higher ripeness levels. The view from the vineyard is jaw-dropping! 

The wines always spark like fireworks with aromatics of voluptuous stone fruits and fleshy citrus. What stands out most about the wines produced from Erdener Prälat fruit is the consistent velvet textures and the weight of rich acid. For me these wines are immortal!

 This one I found from my cellar and decided to discover what the wine had in store for me after 10 years. Wow!  As I twisted the cap off, it greeted me already with a celebratory slight pop, indicating the acid was alive and ready for the palate. The color was extraordinarily light for an Ausele ripeness level. 

Immediately on impact, the aroma of fresh-cut garden hose was signaling an aging Riesling. On the palate, surprisingly the bouquet had an abundance of ripe stone fruit oozing with nectar. Yet, it tasted juicy, lifted with bright fresh cherries supported by sophisticated undertones of wild herbs and exotic spices. 

You would expect it to be sweet at 8% alcohol but its balance by generous acid. It sports a finish so long, you don’t even want a glass, just a long straw straight to the bottle. This is a wine for the ages. The ERDENER PRÄLAT vineyard wines promote conversation and a moment of silence. I’d have gladly seen this bottle age for another 15 years, but this wine is too exciting to wait that long. What wines make you want to forget the glass?


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