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Who says wine has to come with an entourage of vintages, varietals, and a pocket corkscrew to relish in it. I think wine companies in a world that are changing from one day to another is taking a snippet from beer companies…snap open the tab and enjoy! The US can wine industry alone is worth $70 million! In just 90 days in the year 2020, the alcohol can industry has entered the market like a wild cat in heat. I say that because all of a sudden, we have been thrown outside, separated from our herds, and made to adjust to a foreign environment. I don’t know about you, but if you love wine and love life, let’s get canned.



With an economic downturn in all industries, with business closures, unemployment, even having to stay home more, people are feeling the pinch. Everyone is spending less, afraid of uncertainties. Along with stressful periods, alcohol consumption goes up, and you’re left with looking for alternatives options to curve the anxieties. Canned wines are affordable. An average bottle of wine will cost $15-$20. A 4 pack of cans will be easy on your wallet for just under $10. And if you’re really desperate, download the Drizzly app and your friendly driver will deliver one for just $3 and some change in less than 60 minutes.

2. Convenience

In the US we want our products hassle-free and we want them now. Standard glass bottles are not easy to stash or transport. It would be tragic to have a bottle break and there goes the fun. Cans are compact and stay refreshingly chilled a lot longer.

3. Outdoor lifestyle

Today we are spending a lot more time outdoors. Where glass is rejected, cans are welcome. You don’t even need a straw or a separate cup. It’s ready for you when you are. Enjoy them by the pool, restaurants offer them for dining or takeout; or just park your car, pop one open and enjoy the view wherever you are (although I’m not encouraging drinking and driving).

4. All occasions

Whether you’re simply at home or celebrating a special occasion, can offer a diversity of options. There is a slew of different flavors and styles to drink mix into cocktails or just straight up.

5. Uncomplicated 

This is my favorite reason. I never need a purpose to drink wine. There are times I don’t want to give the wine I’m about to enjoy a ceremony. I’m already stressed having to psychoanalyze it. Cans are uncomplicated, easy, and pure happiness.

Jeter la boîte (TOSS THE CAN)

I want to quickly point out, one region in the world not cashing in on the “CAN EFFECT”, is Champagne. Known for its guarded image of luxury, the Champanois is having none of it. They do produce a small format glass bottle for airlines and bars, recognized as a champagne split, but that’s it. The quality of these splits are no different than our canned friends, so what’s the issue? Every producer worldwide produces sparkling wine, giving consumers affordable options. This leaves a surplus of Champagne bottles left on shelves. My message to Champagne: Let down your nose and make us a canned Champagne!


Well, if there is one group never concerned with image, are the Italians. They pride themselves with a reputation for living an uncomplicated lifestyle; thus “La Dolce Vita”! While there are a plethora of still wine cans on the market, sparkling wines are just as popular. There’s nothing screaming more fun than portable bubbles in a can and the Italians have this market cornered. Perhaps it is because Prosecco style fizzes have always been effortless to drink from the beginning. They capture the pure essence of fresh fruit flavors and floral aromas. This is why many canned sparklers come out of Italy.

Casa Luigi imports its products to a warehouse based in Los Angeles California. The Company’s website states: “Casa Luigi grows in the Veneto”, the region northeast of Italy.

Renowned mostly for the production of sparkling wines known as Prosecco. What I respect about Casa Luigi is that they don’t label the can with the term Prosecco, rather “Secco Bianco Sparkling” (dry white sparkling). Laws “can” be as strict as Champagne and wines label Prosecco can only come from a limited area. Casa Luigi is made from 100% Prosecco Grapes, also known as Glera Grapes.

They source their grapes around the village of Fossalta di Piave, just a little north of Venice. It’s not far from the Austrian border along the Alps, where moist air gets mixed with warm sunshine throughout the year. Frizzante wines made here are fresh and crisp in taste.


At first, when I saw the Tsunami of canned wines on shelves everywhere, I was hesitant. But I don’t discriminate against my love of wine and will try anything. I’m sticking to my attitude, why I’m a believer in can wines and refrain from hard scrutiny. I love the way Casa Luigi has managed to preserve the natural fruit of ripe apricots, crisp red delicious apples, and zesty citrus finish. The aromas are very delicate with orange blossoms and cracked raw almonds. Who cares about the color, but to be fair, mine was poured poolside, in a flute at the Wynn

 “Las Vegas baby”.  It was as clear as sparkling yellow diamonds!  I will admit, ONE  glass did set me back $15. I will equal that to getting a Coors Light poured in glass at the same price (OUCH!).  It was my first canned sparkler, and I loved it so much that I ordered another. At 11% alcohol this fizzy beckons for more. It’s a true panty dropper.


I’m a solid fan of Casa Luigi and will be on board with more of their products. They have been the catalyst to try more can wines, “Grazie Mille”! However, with upsides there are downsides to canned wines For one, the high demand has led to an aluminum shortage. Part of the success of the cans is the quality of the internal lining that keeps these wines fresh. Greedy companies may compromise for sources of poorly made aluminum. Thus, placing a dark shadow on quality for those who have yet to convert.

The other concern is, the surge of the category of canned wines occurred during a warm season as well as spending more time outdoors. Could there be a market surplus crash? I hope not because then Champagne won’t make my sparkly can.

One last concern as I always like to be objective. Just as there are tainted bottles of wine, cans can be too. Cans can vary just as much as the next batch. However, that can happen with any product and canned wines are not immune to it either. I hope anyone reading this will be inspired to drink more or try canned wines. Let me know your thoughts as I brought a lot to the table in this article. Babito and I live our lives in “La Dolce Vita” and I love being canned and I do wish that you will be too… CIAO!


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