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This wine is another stunning example from the guys at Skurnik Wines. They are one of my favorite wine importers because they represent wines I scout for, from small artisanal producers. It’s no surprise it’s a Terry Theis selection, whom they partnered with since he specializes in importing boutique wines from Germany, Austria, and the Champagne region of France. 

Compared to Rieslings from Franken and Mosel regions, these wines from the Nahe region of Germany, have a voluptuous and homely impression. Because of this, it has an unusually warmer climate than most of Germany that allow grapes to enjoy more sunshine to concentrate sugars and acids. The soils are what impart the texture with a combination of marl and red sandstone. 

Owner/winemaker Harald Hexamer likes to harvest his grapes later to seal in his winemaking style, that is, ripe, rich and seductive. The estate is only 17 acres and that means low yields from vineyard to bottling. The wines excel with the purity of the vineyards yet intense succulent fruit and mineral-driven acid. 

This wine has been in my cellar since 2012 and it’s better today 2021 than when I first enjoyed it. The wine has turned a slightly darker golden hue, and at the core displayed gorgeous pearlescent beads of acid. While I think it’s still developing, because you can just begin to taste and smell the diesel, that quality aged Riesling is justly famous for. I’m astounded by the amount of acid balancing it’s a complex fruit bouquet. It explodes immediately with peach nectar, fleshy mango, exotic spices, and finishes long with juicy ripe Meyer lemon acid.

I’m such a fan of Hexamer and even more fanatical about Riesling! What are you drinking out of your cellar?


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