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This Masseria loosely translated as a working farm where everything begins and ends, today has been reinvented by the resourceful Rossi-Chauvenet family. They crafted this wine fittingly in devotion to this eccentric farmer named Zacinto, who was the sole steward of the rural estate in the 19th century. I envision Zacinto, as the Quasimoto of Masseria Cutri silently voicing his declaration to make wine out of his favorite grape Negroamaro Even though the region of Puglia is planted most extensively to Primitivo, Zacinto instead would secretly make special batches of intoxicating wine from the powerful Negroamaro. He would then hide the barrels for himself, seemingly to paralyze the daily backbreaking labor.                     


In 1881 Tommaso Schiavoni Tafuri, a wealthy landowner from Manduria marries Countess Sabini di, Altamura. Such a dutiful wife was she when her gift to her marriage and ultimately Puglia, were planting the first cuttings of the Primitivo grape on Curti; one of Schiavoni’s landholdings. Here is not only where the origins of Primitivo began, but this special wine from Negroamaro, thanks to Zacinto. 


Here the wines express higher alcohol and more full-bodied than other Apulian wines.  The hot Mediterranean climate along with sea breezes from the Adriatic result in wines of rich complex flavors and aromatic aromas. The Rossi-Chauvenet family launched an ambitious venture to farm and produce wines from high-quality Biodynamic-organic grapes. The 692-acre farm planted with Primitivo, Negroamaro, and southern Italy’s beloved white grape Fiano, promotes the unique qualities of the native Mandurian varieties. 


If you like a wine with muscle and as rich as it’s heritage, this wine will “work” for you. It’s bold without being brash. It’s madly perfumed without shocking the senses. 

Deep ruby with an opaque core

High intensity, of fragrant ripe red forest fruits sweet red cherries, savory notes of licorice and dried herbs, sweet brown spices of cinnamon, cloves, and allspice, scented lifted with wildflowers of violets and ending with a ferrous, marine element.

Dry, medium acid, fine-grained medium tannins, high alcohol, full-body, smooth texture, high intense flavors along with red berries, stewed prunes, anise, botanicals, black olives, soy sauce sweet tobacco, with a long bitter cocoa nib finish.

I think Zacinto would approve of this wine. It expresses a full concentration of rustic delicacy and persistent flavors and aromas. Balanced acid, succulent mountain fruit, and elevated with exotic scents along with a pleasantly bitter finish. There’s no need to hide these present-day barrels. I wouldn’t exactly say Masseria Cuturi Is a farm, I can’t imagine Zacinto in this now luxurious compound. But, what I can imagine, is discovering the hidden gems that Puglia secretly guards, and that is the grape Negroamaro.


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