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The county of Valencia is like the Bermuda Triangle to the three most productive cities of wines in this lucid autonomous community of Spain. I make a parable link to this to the North Atlantic area of Spain because, like The Bermuda Triangle, these wines of historical significance have been mysteriously forgotten. Albacete, Murcia, and where this wine is from, Alicante. Technically the entire province is referred to as the Levant and is located on the sun-drenched Mediterranean coast.

Alicante enjoys what the Spaniards romantically call the Mediterranean, Costa Blanca (white coast)

Really, the antiquity of this storied region was known for “Fondillon” the sweet wine of kings, and yes, orange wines. However, the lost black Prince, Monastrell, has comfortably arrived back to his country home. He has exhaustedly had to travel under other alias names in other countries; Mataro in the New World and Mourvedre in France,  where he has been held hostage in the afterthoughts of GSM blends.

For a long time after Alicante’s wines fell from grace, the region was no longer known for the king’s wine but peasant wines. Alicante developed a reputation for mass-produced wines, with loads of ink, alcohol, and over-extracted fruit. The juice was even transported in bulk to the famous regions of the north to get blended into poor vintages; namely Rioja and Ribero de Duero.

Now we come to the 21st century, and Vinseens S.L. is collectively changing all that. This stellar wine is brought to you by an army of Vignerons on a crusade to recover the wine heritage of  Alicante. 

Looking into the glass is like looking into a deep well, opaque. Aromas of baked black fruit, it burns at first sniff and bullies its way in with spices and toasty ok and campfire tobacco. On the palate, this Monastrell feels fiery & spicy with blackberries forcing their way into the mid-palate and follows a bite of acidity on the finish. Bold and powerful, Prince Monestrell arrived, but he needed to gain more experience within La Encina Centenaria. 2014 vintage really diluted most of Spain’s region and Unfortunately, it diluted this wine. Do any of you enjoy Monastrell????


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