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This is a  fabulous sparkle-made method Ancestrale, imported by Massale Selection. We have so many Importers today that are cashing in on the “Natural Wine” movement. This term has so many definitions, you almost get the feeling they don’t even know their identity. What comes to mind comically is the 1964 film the 7 Faces of Dr. Lao. It details the visit of a magical circus and Lao uses his many faces to offer “wisdom” to visitors. I’m not sure if we have been transmitted any wisdom by these enthusiasts, but we have been given a sloppy wet kiss behind the ears with the notion.

 The label with a diversity of preserving wine by Massale Selections was founded in 2010 by Guillaume Gerard and Cory Cartwright as a  small importer and online retailer of wines made by farmers. Interestingly, I recently wrote about another  “Natural Wine” enthusiast, Tre Somm wines from Baja. Well, both Massale Selection and Tre Somm are represented by the  “Medium” of the Natural Wines movement all over the world, SevenFifty. Geez, are readers confused, you should be. Who is making this shit up!?

Does everyone need to know where and what their wine is all about? People who want to drink wine, and in general just want to enjoy their wine. I equate it to food companies that feel the need to shine a beam light on all the pieces of your food and calories on a menu, and then say “ Enjoy It!”…. What happened to the days when you opened a bottle of wine and liked it or not. Now we have spreadsheets on the wine. 

This wine was made by the accidental method of wine. It goes by many names, but this one, since it’s from France, is termed “Ancestale”. Yes natural, NO NOT new. Producers that embrace making and representing wines like these are risky businesses. Basically, you put crushed grapes in a bottle with yeast, top it up and hope for the best! They are exciting wines, with no spreadsheets, techniques, or a list of ingredients, just a big surprise. Has anyone heard of Cracker Jacks? These wines are like munching away at it and ending with the big surprise, never realizing you were enjoying it from the very beginning!

This blooming attractive bubbly 2018 “Pynoz” is from 30 to 80-year-old vines. The wine is  Split in half with  Pinot Noir and Pineau d’Aunis, its son from another mother. Pinot Noir was known to be equivalent to the Roman ruler Cornelius. The artistry of Pascal Potaire and Moses Gadouche produces a harmonious balanced Pet’Nat Rosé that spends 24 months sur lie before bottling. It’s so refreshing and dances of the palate. It’s still revealing virgin notes with crispy raspberry and fresh-cut peony aromas. The mousse is like a baby’s blanket on the palate.

This a Phenomenal wine that has always been natural in the method by Les Capradias. They scratch their heads in disbelief, as to what in the hell is “natural wines”. They just love the fact we can enjoy it overseas in its true skeleton, thanks to paying a “small” fee to Massale Selections for the overrated Natural Wine movement. Massal Selection means clonal selection in French. There’s nothing clone about this wine just that I would love to clone another bottle to enjoy!



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