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This is the wine I shared with La Grand Dame Valerie for the cookout. As with any wine of France, 100% of the grapes must come from the region stated on the label, in this case, it’s Chinon, in Touraine on the eastern portion of the Middle Loire Valley. However, the producer Caves de Rabelais is based and bottled the wine in Brissac, in Anjou of the western portion of the Middle Loire  Valley.  Regardless, Chion’s infamous son is Francois Rabelais, one of France’s greatest authors with a Shakespeare style but with a grotesque fantasy. You can’t go anywhere throughout the region without hearing about this rebel.

Befitting, the producers of this wine even paid homage by naming themselves Cave de Rabelais. Even though the region produces whites and rose wines, this is clearly a red wine country with an attitude! Rebelaise personifies the locals of Chinon and to an extent, the French in general. I chose this wine specifically for that reason. The wine based on the Cabernet Franc grape is an opportunist in character with a  rustic aroma. On the palate, it expresses a deep robust full body.

This wine is not for the faint at heart. The cooperative was founded in 1989 by Chinon winemakers who wanted to join forces and create a cooperative, expanding and maximizing the sales potential of the biggest red appellation in the Loire Valley. Normally this wine would sell for $100, however, the rebel in me seized the opportunity at Super Nui Fare for $35.


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