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Muscadet isn’t to be confused with the sweet Muscat grape. It is the name of the dry white wine made from type cast native Burgundy grape, the Melon de Bourgogne cultivar. As the name suggests, its origins were in Burgundy, but it was spitted out of Burgundy and therefore made a home in the Muscadet region of the western Loire.

The region hangs on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean where the grape shines. The unique style is where a long time marriage of grape and yeast seek refuge. Floral, ripe Meyer lemons, and fall orchard fruits perfume your nose. On the palate, the wine is loaded with winter tree fruit flavors and brimming with toasty sourdough bread.

Along with the yeast it’s kept fresh with citrus fruit acid and stubborn long saline, nutty finish. Complimentary wine to sip breathing the salty sea breezes of the Pacific.


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