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Sourced from Tres Hermanas Vineyard, Santa Maria vinified in Buellton, sold at Lo Fi Wine Shop Los Alamos, summarized on the front of the label simply…” Made In California”. I love capitalism. Lo Fi Wines is a partnership between two enduring friends, unlike their wines, Mike and Craig. They rely on making wines for the lazy vigneron: source grapes, vinify, bottle, sell. Basically, representing stress-free wines for a stress-free lifestyle. No need for cellar guys, just pop open Lo Fi Wines and enjoy. I’m loving them even more!

Check out the sediment on the bottle 


Don’t get me wrong, I love a wine like Pingus I’ll dissect for 3 hours or Bruno Giacosa Barolos I  have to be patient with and air out its balls for a few hours. Still, most of the time I want a wine that’s ready to show up! Lo Fi wines do just that people. All of you who claim Vegan, Raw, Vegetarian, Paleo, Gluten whatever, and Carnivores that just don’t care, listen up, Craig and Mike use only neutral barrels, native yeasts, mini sulfur so the wine doesn’t spoil,  and whole cluster fermentation to retain fresh vibrate sun-kissed fruit aromas and taste. It’s not a hard sell for us and neither is their reason for choosing Tres Hermanas Vineyard for this Pet-Nat.


This Petillant Natural is made from Chenin Blanc grapes grown from a beloved vineyard in Santa Maria California. Tres Hermanas Vineyard sits along the historical celebrity row of pioneer grape growers who defined Santa Maria Valley, Foxen Canyon! Originally cattle ranches were the order of the day, today’s business is all about the wine grapes. 

Any Wine producer can birth this child. You name it, all red, white, or grey grapes can compose its DNA.  Pét-nat is simply generated with a still fermenting wine that’s bottled, placing a brew cap on it, and letting it complete fermentation in the bottle. That’s it! It shortly becomes similar to a teenager, all bottled up inside and ready to burst open whenever you want, entertaining you with all its wild aromas and low effervescence. I like to describe Pet-Nats as sparkling wine and beer had sex. 

These styles of wines are not new but recently have had a new resurgence for its effortless production and easy turnover. This is how sparkling wines were discovered centuries ago, by accident. Pet-nats are native to homeland Loire Valley, France, and they kept with tradition by using Chenin Blanc also native to the Loire. Although the results are a crapshoot, what you are eventually going to savor is something openly innocent. Just be ready for anything, just like attending a party. There’s half the pressure of CO2, compared to a Traditional Method sparkler, so it’s half the pressure to complicate it. This wine purely sums up Lo Fi Wines, a casual friend for any party.


It’s exploiting the reproduction of music that’s lower quality than hi-fi sound. Playfully, Mike and Craig keep in theme with the definition by illustrating it through their tasting room in Los Alamos, CA. The tasting room is austere should you suffer from any anxiety by mounting a few crates of records, a turntable serenading you with vinyl records of the past. In addition, you can just focus on a wall of their wine participants aside from the Pet-Nats of their natural wines. Are there chairs at the very least?

Low- Fi Pet-Nat made from Chenin Blanc, has everything you want from a fiesta in the mouth. Chenin Blanc grape, in general, has high acid; perfect for a sparkler, perfumed to flirt your senses, and the perception of sweet tropical fruits sending off images of you lying on the beach with your toes in the sand along with the smell of sea salt in the breeze. This wine makes me happy. Anyone taking requests in the tasting room for Jimmy Buffet?


Lo Fi Wines should be on anyone’s list of wine destinations to taste, experience, and JUST BE!…

What’s your “JUST BE” WINE??????


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