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Forbidden Fruit Farm is a vision born from childhood memories. Established in 2002, Entrepreneur Sandra Newman didn’t get her Plant smarts from the Iconic UC Davis School of Agriculture. Instead, it was the University of Delaware for Plant Science. For any of you who love berries, planting blueberries prove to be a lucrative market for Newman. Despite her long history with plants, the vineyards she purchased in Lompoc didn’t come wrapped in a gift. She purchased 100 acres east from Lompoc with ALL her own  “C” notes. 

Sandra Newman is my rockstar. Like the song sung by Jennifer Lopez, Jenny From The Block: “Don’t get fooled by the rocks that I bought. Rockin this business!” She definitely has!

Granted she planted many fruits and vegetables, but if you’re located in the Sta. Rita Hills AVA, why not make wine. Everyone around her is making wine, most important, it’s a renowned area for quality winemaking.

She makes many still wines, but the wines that have been extremely sought after is her Traditional Method Sparkling wines. This one is a belle of the ball beauty. LOU BUD rose  From Cebada Vineyards is a kiss of a pink cupcake hue. On the nose, crushed rock stones over fallen ripe cherries and bruised apple envelope, with a bouquet of honeydew melon. On the palate, tart citrus lemon and blood oranges, juicy seedless watermelon, along with damp earth undertones and a medium chalky finish. I did detect a slight funky sensation from the mid-palate to the finish. I’m not sure if that was perhaps the grapes didn’t make it on time to the press to avoid oxidation. 

If any of you get to taste it, let me know your thoughts. By the way, her website refers to planting Pakistani Mulberries on her vineyard, how did that happen too?


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