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Has anyone heard of Grape Expectations wine distribution company? Well, you ought to know about them the next time you buy your next bottle of wine and see their name securely displayed on the back label. They are a solid team, representing independent producers across the globe such as this fun sparkler from Burgundy.  Grape Expectations, AKA  playfully abbreviated as “EX” Distribution, is a wine company that was founded by Mike Temple in 1975 out of his garage! I would have loved to be in that dark dank hole to witness the birth of the team, who considered themselves family almost fifty years later. They all had an affection for food and wine and liberated small wine producers; just like themselves getting face-first into the spotlight. It’s just another reason to choose their selection of wines all the more. Where in Hell, we all know the church had more of a knack for alcohol than the common people. America, where we embrace the contract more rather than a handshake? Grape Expectations symbolize an ancient tradition of the past where business was based on trust and respect. Today, the past continues to succeed in their rooted relationships into our modern era above the bottom line.

It’s not too difficult these days, given our climate, how Direct-to-Consumer wine companies have worked diligently to deliver to you extraordinary wines all over the world. These are from producers you would not otherwise be able to allocate anywhere. Grape Expectations chose to represent, an aloof producer such as Louis Picamerlot among their explicit selections for good reason Although, I will say, I was able to find this gem in my neighborhood at  Hi-Time Wine Cellars, Costa Mesa, Ca.; a wine shoppe that defines The words “Wine Shop” universally! But why Louis Picmerlot?….

The name Louis Picamerlot, for whatever reason I thought, is a stage name, given it had “Merlot” on its last name. Perhaps, I’m just hyper on wine lingo everywhere. Anyways getting to the “juice”….Louis Picamelot was the son of a cooper and winegrower in Burgundy, not Bordeaux. He released his first bottles in the 1930s, after our prohibition, despite the aging for the wines necessary by law, he really began in 1926 during our American Prohibition! It gets juicier, Louis had two daughters who were married to Jean-Baptiste Chautard and Louis Siraudin. Wowwee! Jean was an iconic famous religious writer for the Trappist abbey of Aiguebelle in the 1800s. Hell, we all know the church had more of a knack for alcohol than the common people.  But this guy had me at chocolate since he was ALSO in the care of the abbey’s Chocolate Factory. He may have attracted a few women or two there. WINK WINK!  Mixing wine and chocolate is a match made like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! Although, presently, director Philippe Chautard, one of the sons of Jean-Baptiste, is in the leadership! Grape Expectations had a song and dance to choose this spirited cremant bubbly from Burgundy equipped with a legendary past.

Why do you need to savor this sparkler from Burgundy, because it’s from Louis Picamerlot and the other, it’s from Burgundy, home to one of the best grape vineyards on the planet. Pop this Cremant open, with gentle effervescence, haystack,   medium lemon appearance, flavors of choppy chalk, earth, and bruised Golden Delicious apple,  combine into one spicy baked enticing aroma, like apple pie straight out of the oven. More air adds a gentle sense of ripe perfumed citrus fruit. On the palate it’s silky, it finishes lively lemon acid, a solid boned structure. It flirts with you now and if you wait,  it will hate you later. There’s no need to hide this one away in your closet. Just like Grape Expectations, it drives the spotlight now!


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