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Babito and I thought our Google maps failed us because we were diverted to an old almost abandoned building with an unpopulated courtyard. It looked straight out of a Sergio Leone spaghetti western. In the ’40s-’70s, it was a major cooperative brandy distillery, who knows, maybe distilling other “things”. However, it was recently bought by a single owner, who looks to revitalize it as a destination spot for other tasting rooms, shops, and dining (there’s already one shop and a gastropub). It looks promising, we will keep you up to date on future developments.

LVVR is a method champenoise or traditional method sparkling produced entirely in the Lodi appellation and no part of the production is outsourced. Every part of the product is controlled directly by winemaker Eric Donaldson. The fruit source entirely sourced within the Lodi appellation. LVRR has been aged lightly on the bottle lees prior to riddling and disgorging.

Traveling cross country learning and refining his technique, Eric Donaldson settled in Lodi, California. LVVR originated from a small sparkling endeavor for the Vizcarra sisters hence the name. Since then it has grown into a much larger endeavor.

12470 Locke Rd., Suite 700
Lockeford, CA  95237
Phone: 209-727-6062


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