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Created by two polar opposite friends with, but with a common vision for producing great wine. MarTIN Danielic and VlaDO Kunny formed the name of the label TINDO, further solidifying their respect and admiration for each other. I have never caught the gambling bug, but I would bet serious money that Slovakia would not be thought of as a country producing great wine and this one is a gem.

The first order of business is to get to know this unknown marvelous wine-producing nation SLOVENSKA ( that has a more captivating ring to it than SLOVAKIA). Slovakia, officially the Slovak Republic, is a landlocked country in Central Europe. It is affectionately cuddled by Poland to the north, Ukraine to the east, Hungary to the south, Austria to the west, and finally, its marriage to the  Czech Republic to the northwest. 

Here’s their sign:

  • Well, I love them already for being the 10th booziest nation worldwide, but Russia’s Latvia has them beat as number one. I don’t think that’s a feat to be proud of as there’s not much going on there and we ask, where is Latvia anyway? 
  • They gave us controversial 60’s pop artists…Andy Warhol!
  • Who doesn’t love a country that invented the parachute?
  • However, being an American I’m not too proud of the fact that our 43rd president George W. Bush  FUCKED UP to welcome a prime minister to his Ranch in Texas….He said on worldwide media he was honored to welcome the Prime Minister of Slovenia, when in fact it was the Prime Minister of Slovakia!  HAY CHIHUAHUA!!!! Sorry Slovenska.
  • I think this may be their problem why you haven’t signed up for your next Cheap Flights to Slovakia. Despite the nation being one of the most enchanting in the world, it is known for the world’s  top worst travel slogan…..brace yourself: “TRAVEL IN SLOVAKIA-GOOD IDEA???” MMmm!
  • Most importantly… Are their extraordinary wines born at the foot of the Sitno Volcano soils from indigenous grapes !!!!!! I’m absolutely finally smitten.


Tindo is not just a wine from foreign genes, but a serious wine. It’s not just harmoniously poetic (próza) but a symphony of flavors that will have you pondering the plethora of nuances over the course of the day. Damn, I finished an entire bottle in one night! It’s a BONE dry wine (Biele vino Suche) with a lot of spritz that happily glistens at the core of your glass.  Give me this over a $150 bottle of champagne! This has  much to do with these high acid grapes born in Slovakian volcanic earth: (where else are going to get this much excitement, but Slovakia)


  • 40% Rizling Vlassky

Welschriesling is not a grape that has the spotlight anywhere in the globe, except in Austria where it is made into ageable dessert wines around the city of Rust. Yet, it’s so respected in Slovakia, it’s the second most planted grape.

  • 40% Pesecka Leanka

This white grape variety was delicately created in the 1930s in Romania. Widely recognized as Feteasca which means “maiden” that’s sexy

  • 20% Tramin

Ok readers don’t get this confused with Gewurztraminer, this is an ancient grape that is the  Grandpa to many grandchildren.  The German grape produced many variants; I will venture to say he was more of a pimp player and more mature than Pinot Noir.


Brilliant clear white with gold beaded reflections. Fruity aroma with a fragile canopy of minerals. Stone and pungent citrus juicy fruit, peach, apple, pear, kissed with a bite of white cracked pepper on the nose. On the palate, it’s full-body because of its high octane flavor profile, prickly on the front, umami at the core, and leaves fresh, liveliness with added loads of acid on the finish. The complex aromas, flavors, and the potential to age for a couple of decades for a wine that can keep for a very long time. Here’s your answer to the question of what keeps you guessing upon every sip:  Vinification is a few hours of skin contact, then aged in wood barrels offering a library of complexity to keep you reading your nose and palate. It’s Only 12% alcohol to keep you reaching for the bottle without the buzz and is very gentle on your wallet for $20.

I found this wine at Hit Time Wine Cellar, Costa Mesa CA. It’s my home to the most prolific wines on the planet. As I was browsing the Labyrinth aisles of wine looking for something exciting, I was stopped by a long-time respected staff member, Anne Doyle Stephens! First I will preface that she is one of the most knowledgeable women I have EVER met and I am honored to say she is an endearing soul and my friend. She introduced me to this sensational wine and I’m jealous she had the privilege to have one-to-one contact with  Black Lamb Wine, a US-based importer, and distributor. Get this, they specialize in ancient styles of wine made with heritage traditions! OMG! 



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