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This was my second choice because this is Burgundy’s best-kept secret for two reasons. First  Maurice is a grower, not a businessman. The house of Chen, at present, moved to Alsace, but this wine remains explicitly Burgundian. Secondly, it contains the holy grail of all grapes, Pinot Noir, the soul of Burgundy. Although, he was kind enough to bring in his famous son, Gamay, who has the reputation for bringing the rhythm into his birthplace Burgundy. 

PASSE-TOUT-GRAIN (most of the time spelled with hyphens) is roughly translated as “go all-grain”. This impressive pedigree has been beloved by winemakers for centuries so much they’ll make it strictly for family and friends, perfect for this occasion! Made of ⅓ Pinot Noir and the starring role to ⅔ Gamay, the grapes can be sourced anywhere in Burgundy by law. It can also be made into a sparkler and Rose!


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