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I recently wrote a full review on this ‘Naturalist Wine Gambler. They are as “raw” philosophy as you can throw your dice at for pure wines. The analogy I like to give these guys at Meinklang is:  you will find wines that are equivalent to looking for a foreign date with experience and yet finding out it’s a  virgin. 


I just have to give a little synopsis of the grape’s variety background, as it can look like a head-scratcher. This wine is like a slutty love affair triangle, picture a 1940’s film noir but set on the 21st. century. Roter Mulatschak is just another name for Blaufrankisch but in Sanskrit. However, Blaufränkisch And St. Laurent Had a mad love affair and birth Austrian son Zweigelt. Yet you just can’t ignore that Blaufrankisch is the mother of Gamay. OMG, this means Blaufrankisch and Pinot Noir were homosexuals!

This a nasty wine; an unfiltered dry red wine like a throwback of Bordeaux Clarets. At a time when shipping wine out for the British palate in the 1800s was cool.

Normally I don’t make a review on the same producer, but Austria’s Meinklang is clearly making wines out of fashion and bringing them into fashion today.

I really love this wine for so many reasons, but I will just name a few as to not overwhelm your sexual tension.

For one, the color is translucent like a negligee. It captivates you like James Bond,  sophisticated notes like a young  Chambole Musigny, but never been shaken. It has wild notes of cranberry, raspberry, earthy potted dirt, and sweet Cuban cigar smoke. On the palate it carries on with the same notes, but with unadulterated nuances that taste lethal,  complexed, and untouched. It’s just like James Bond women, RAW and INTRIGUING….

By the way, I thought it was very comical on the back of the bottle they included a very important fact.. INGREDIENTS: GRAPES…

Thank you Meinklangfor clearing things up for me… I  was confused at one point as to what the hell I was drinking.

When have you had An Austrian wine?


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