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This is according to Despacito Distributors, under their subsidiary label “Vegan Wines” ( based on this style of wine:

“Until now, there has been NO true guidance, respect, or knowledge of what goes into our wines. We take the guessing game out of choosing wines”


It appears many wine companies around the globe are either capitalizing on the sensation of the population taking active measures to reduce carbon footprints or sanctify years of their dirty commerce. This company isn’t claiming they found the holy grail of vegan wines, BUT, the statement is all too inaccurate in its claims. Truth be told,  NATURAL/ VEGAN wines have been around for thousands of years.


These types of wines have historical significance. Yet, they  STILL made around the world from many different regions with many different grapes, using winemaking techniques that have NEVER changed. This roughly just means, the conveniences of creating a wine aesthetically pleasing to you aren’t used. For instance: in Romania, wines are poured into earthen vessels buried deep into the ground to ferment; Orange style wines like this wine, originating from the Republic of  Georgia ( No it’s not the Southern Belle USA Georgia, known for its signature drink “Scaret ‘O’Hara). There are even Ancestral Wines: fermented grapes poured into a bottle, opened after 3 months, and enjoyed like tossing dice. All Natural wines have been made by accident.  Just as Toll House chocolate chip cookies were invented accidentally by Ruth Graves Wakefield, and so were wines. I’m sure she had a few glasses of moonshine or two, wearing all the hats she endured: college graduate, dietitian, educator, business owner, author, wife, and mom). Remember this, traditions NEVER die, they only get repurposed! 


There is currently a movement in the international market, shedding a spotlight on “Natural Wines, “Vegetarian Wines”, the old standby “Organic Wines” and we can even throw in the strange belief of Biodynamic wines for good measure. Did I leave anything out? OH yes, there is even a company called exploiting “Raw Wines”,  and I quote from THEIR  website: 

“The world’s largest community of low-intervention organic, biodynamic and natural wines. Explore the growers & winemakers, their wines, and the fairs …” 

Are Vegan wines and Raw wines battling for the purist companies of wine on earth?… I want to know if they consulted Pope Francis on this subject. 


Also known as: “Orange Wines,” “Amber Wines” or Ramato (Italian term), these bottlings aren’t just quirky, esoteric outliers, meant to appeal to seasoned wine drinkers. They are also for people eager to venture out to try a style of wine they have never heard of before. The wines are made from white grapes that enjoy the character of a white wine yet have the texture and tannins of red wine. Basically, white grapes typically are not fermented with skins, these wines are. Orange wines have a fascinating deep complexity that can leave you entertained for hours. How long, the grapes are left to ferment with skins, is up to the winemaker’s resulting style. Most often they are best enjoyed with a slight chill and young. However, with enough acid and tannins, which act as preservatives, Orange wines can age for decades. They develop flavors of Christmas spices, dried fruits, saffron, and white truffles! 


Esimio Dentici is an Azienda Agricola in village Rialto, is in the city of Montefalco in the province of Umbria. What that means is it’s a winery, working farm, and hotel. It’s the only landlocked region in Italy other than little Molise to the south. Poetically, Montefalco means Mountain Bird, an enchanting town that really sours like a bird. The Provence is mostly known for its bold white wines made from native grapes, but this Orange Wine secures the history. The plush wine Provence Umbria (my birthplace),  is affectionately called Italy’s “Green Garden of Eden”.  It’s no wonder all the plush rolling hills give into fortresses of medieval towns. 

The winery today is named after the son on the worldwide web as  Eraldo Dentici, but Papi Esimio is the true brick house of this establishment. Curated in 1998, for over 15 years Eraldo Dentici and his father have carried on traditions handed down generations. They have never changed what their ancestors have been crafting and why to reinvent the wheel. Places like this exist all over the globe, where less intervention is the call of duty. Native inhabitants had 100+ tasks to deliver by the end of the day to worry about. There was no time to take romantic walks through the vineyard to ensure a polished grape.

I don’t want to make a formal review on this wine because it is a wine that will leave an astounding question mark on thousands of palates across the globe.

I am crushing on this wine for so many reasons: timeless, compounded, adaptable! When I was an early student of wine, my educators would turn a face away from Orange Wines. I  always questioned why are they out there and why such disdain from the professionals”. Now that I’m better seasoned in my knowledge, I discovered a whole other style category of wines that are both exciting and complex. I implore all of you who are reading this article to never allow someone to influence what could be enlightening on your nose and palate. No ONE producer has invented these ancient wines. I’m speaking to companies who can NEVER reinvent antiquity. You are just a lithograph of the original.


Ciao! Hope you enjoyed my review, please comment below Love your feedback.
Thank you and remember Taste Small Live Big!
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