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The year 2020 is what I describe as a “METAMORPHOSIS” in our universe. This New Year’s Eve, I only prayed that everyone was in a happy place. I didn’t need anything except my Babito and this bottle of Champagne!

Pertois-Lebrun has been in the Blanc de Blanc region of Champagne since the early 1900s. The monarch grower Paul Petro is of the village of Crament teamed up with fellow monarch grower Francoise Lebrun of Mesnil-Sur-Oger in 1955 and decided the two together could create a powerhouse of outstanding Champagnes.

Fast forward to 2004,  fifth-generation grandsons and brothers Antoine and Clement Bouret continue the legacy without error. Can you picture the brothers growing up all their lives in Provence, to become ace makers of Champagne for the family’s house of Petrois-Lebrun?… Grandpas would be proud.

The color is a brilliant gold hue with a slow slithering string of pearls foaming to the top for a perfect crown. The effervescence is tight. It flirts on the nose with bright Meyer lemons, white peach nectar, and salted buttercream danish. It’s a symphony basket of fruit, cheese, and bread. On the palate, on the impact, you get a burst of citrus, stone fruit, sublime oven-toasted brioche, and undertones of sun-baked chalk. The mousse has a long creamy finish that gently melts with the silky pearls.

This a stupendous sparkler to end an EPIC 2020 that’s 10 years old and still fresh today… Do any of you remember what wine you celebrated with on New Year’s Eve, 2010? ( or maybe just wishing we were all back in the year 2010…


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