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Don’t call me Petillant Natural, just Pet-Nat, cause I’m so “Rico Suave”. You can say, it’s like meeting a new friend, you never know who you’re socializing with. Unlike my pretentious counterpart Champagne, I’m as natural as it gets.


Any producer can birth this child, red, white, or grey grapes can compose it’s DNA.  Pét-nat is simply generated with a still fermenting wine, bottled, placing a brew cap on it, and letting it to complete fermentation in the bottle. It shortly becomes similar to a teenager, all bottled up inside and ready to burst with all it’s wild aromas and C02.

Pet-nat native homeland is the Loire Valley of France; leave it to the French to produce a money-making wine sibling without any labor. Although, it’s a crapshoot, what you savor is something openly innocent. There’s half the pressure of Champagne, which makes the casual friend at any party.




Before the rest of this article will compel you to read any further, a translation of this intimidating label is in order. Looking at German wine labels would have anyone fear them, running towards the wines-in-a-box. There are many reasons why boxed wine sells by the millions, and I can tell you it isn’t for their quality, rather you can read exactly what you’re getting. 

KRAEMER  is the name of the WEINBAU (winery), on an ÖKOLOGISCHER (ecological vineyard) grown on MUSCHELKALK soils ( shell-bearing limestone). I have already introduced you to PET-NAT (Naturally fizzy); that leaves the grape it’s made from, MÜLLER THURGAU.

Müller-Thurgau is a white grape variety that was created by Hermann Müller from the Swiss Canton of Thurgau in 1882. It is a crossing of Riesling with Madeleine Royale. It’s not a highly regarded grape for quality wine production. But, with the careful harvest, it can be compared to a fine riesling. It’s an attraction to producers is that it’s easy to grow and used to make easy-drinking value wines such as this one.


Located just the famous Romantic Road in the heart of Franconia is Krämer Organic Agriculture and Vineyard. The farm was originally a farm with cattle, until 1983. Today it’s a visceral viticulture destination for visitors. For winemakers and owners, Stephan Krämer and his wife Simone,  grapes are harvested from a little over 9 acres of steep slopes and terraces. Crafting wines from these old vines is a testament to faith in their land and to limited quality production. 

It’s a gorgeous property, and today it’s a visceral viticulture destination for visitors. Currently, three generations of living on-site extend their personal hospitality with three-holiday apartments.


Stephan is one not afraid to take risks and was the first to produce pét nat in Franconia. It is naturally cloudy because a third of the yeast left the bottle when it was disgorged. This took some effervescence away from the sparkling wine because acid molecules absorb onto the yeast. However, the result ensures a notably supple mouthfeel that makes this pet nat less dry and lean than it really is.

Medium Gold, along with a misty core and tine beady leisurely climbing to the top forming a metallic crest.

Driven by orchard fruits of fresh green pears, peach nectar, perfumed with apple blossoms, toasted shortbread, and river rocks

Dry, medium acid, medium+ body, low alcohol, gentle gripping mousse, medium intensity, with fresh tree fruit, coated on the mid-palate by creamy sweet potatoes and lemon shortbread, succulent white and yellow flowers, and orange essence, mineral sediment at the core with a long refreshing acid finish.

This is an elegant stellar pét-nat. I say that because many can open up funky along with beer like attributes from the residual yeast. To me opening these bottles give the feeling I’m unwrapping a gift. There’s always the element of surprise, and never one the same. Next time you’re at a party, be the cool kid and pop open a pét-nat sparkler. It will be a party in your mouth.

Have you had a pét-nat?


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