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Has anyone heard of the Dr. Frankinstein of grapes? Dr. Georg Scheu was nothing like the 1931 film but rather the character Gene Wilder played in Young Frankenstein. His goal was to create a superior dramatic grape cross that can allure many other grape crossings like the gorgeous Madeline Khan. He decided Resiling and Silvaner grapes should have a sex child producing Sceurebe. However, sadly for him, it wasn’t the Silvaner grape,  but it was in fact an obscure vine called Bukettraube. It really produces a wine with musky qualities.  I think he was busier trying to get his name and reputation right than the ultimate intended outcome. 

Yet, in all defenses, the grape has survived and displays qualities that are fabulous for blending. On its own, It’s not bad, even with this producer. It’s refreshing, bright, and palate cleansing. I’m going to be your Dr. Frankenstein on the review. In my opinion, it’s a cross between a still and a sparkling on the palate. Aromas are subdued floral and perfumed, with notes of geranium and almond, and stony fruits. On the palate, there are flavors of clove, orange, sweet almond, and yellow plum and herbs. The wine has an unexpected  body, with hints of minerality and a delicate texture…completely flirty

Completely family-owned,  Pfeffingen is just one of the few leading producers from Pfalz. Their main focus is Riesling, but they have become largely legendary for their Scheurebe wines. Their work with the grape started with Karl Fuhrmann, the grandfather of the current winemaker, Jan Eymael. Currently, the family makes both dry and succulent sweet wines from this highly aromatic variety. This wine is the introductory performance, showing great balance and a glamorous profile, because of Eymael’s accurate winemaking.

I couldn’t but pair this personality with one of my favorite fish I adore from many travels around Italy and Greece….Branzino. I’m not just geeking out on the wine but one of my new “vegetable” discoveries when I bought it…Sea Asparagus!… Have any of you had it? And what do you think of German Varietals???


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