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Philanderer, seductress, playboy, womanizer…Pinot Noir can take in many facets because it’s a shameless grape. I’m beginning with a variety that elicits, spirits of the past: Zeus, the Greek god who transformed into an animal to get more sex, Casanova was jailed for womanizing blasphemy, Don Juan accurately portrayed by Mozart’s opera as the Devil of women, and finally who can leave out the least threatening of the cast…. Rudolph Valentino as the heroic ladykiller. Pinot Noir is all of them in a glass.


Pinot Noir is a very sensual and seductive grape and that’s underscoring the descriptors. It’s my list of characters in the intro above of all wine grapes, without question ( maybe his only other rival is Grenache, but it’s not a player, just more difficult than Pinot Noir to be the most alluring. Because for me, I feel Pinot Noir is the ultimate seducer of wines. Don’t misunderstand, I don’t discriminate against any wine grape and have been smitten many times, namely Nebbiolo and far fewer by Grenache. But, for example, Nebbiolo, like an Italian, it’s quite proud of its home turf and doesn’t care to prove anything to ANYONE!  Grenache on the other hand has all the potential to be the greatest ladies’ man, but he’s like a geek, afraid to take chances.  Pinot Noir, sooner than later, WILL take on multiple personalities and styles, depending on where it’s grown and who produces it; he’s quite the charmer. 


What seems for many generations, winemakers across the globe want a piece of trying to craft the most preeminent bewitching Pinot Noir. That is an ambitious goal and one that’s not easy. So lovers of producing wine from it should know, it definitely doesn’t take too kindly to everyone. However, I will honestly say, Trasiego Red Quartz Pinot Noir is absolutely mystifying and Pinot Noir has been very kind to them! The selections began with a very attractive couple Vicencente and Bernardita Johnson, dedicating to the practice of representing depreciated South American wine vintners. 


Chile has a deep-rooted history with Europe in terms of wine. The Spaniards tried to make them submissive people by making wine that would NOT compete with the Spanish Crown. Loosely put, Spain ordered them to make shity wine. On the other hand, out of all the countries in the South American continent the Spanish tried to colonize them, Chilenos would have NONE IT PERIOD! Truth is, Chile’s wine culture was significantly shaped by the French even to this day! They weren’t looking to colonize like the Spanish, the Bordelaise just needed some land not yet affected by Phylloxera after it nearly wiped their vineyards and industry into extinction. In other words, they made a killing making more wine rather than taking over the land.  Going forward, looking to foreign land unaffected by the louse that devastated the wine vineyards across the globe, Chile proved to be their answer. 


Chilenos has the most perfect growing conditions for the wine vine on the planet. They are blessed by being incubated on all three sides by the Pacific Ocean, the Atacama Desert, and the Andes Mountains. Forget, Covid today, these vineyards have been in quarantine for decades, which made them to this day a wine-attracting powerhouse. Imagine, even presently, Chile has never been affected by Phylloxera and it is one of the few viable wine-producing regions in the world for quality AND value. I’ve emphasized the impact of the Bordeaux varietals that framed Chile’s wine society, but it goes much more sophisticated than the usual suspects such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and their most signature Romeo grape is  Carmenere. However, I think their real romancing grape in the country is Pinot Noir. Notice I said romancing, not heroic; For that, arguably will be for me is Carignan! but I digress!


Casablanca is kissed by the Pacific Ocean for Pinot Noir in Chile not kissed by Humphry Bogart. It is the region where it seems the ancient lovers in the intro hailed from. It really is a magical place for this Pinot Noir and The Quartz is a  loving example by the spellbinding couple. This wine is not a one-night stand with Shark Tank but one you want to purely be in a long-term relationship with… Thoughts anyone about Chilean wine?


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