The riesling is pale bright lemon color, displaying a fresh and crisp nose of golden apples, honeydew melons, and garden hose undertones. plump and dry, grapefruit, and apple nectar predominate perfumed with orange blossoms, with prickly acid rounding out the palate. It’s my pirate steal for  7 Euros! I could have easily aged this beauty.


This wine is a specialty blend ONLY found in Alsace. It’s an Alsatian wine term taken from the German words Edel meaning noble and Zwicker meaning blend dating from the 1600s.  In practice, most wines from Alsace are single variety, but there are exceptions such as this gem. Edelzwicker, unlike their other region’s pompous blend, Gentil, shuns the formality of their lawful Interprofessional Charter to give it approval. Gentil is the snob between the two and needs a tasting panel along with approval for a formal AOC title. The noble grapes of Alsace are Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris, and Muscat. Gentil can ONLY be made with these noble grapes. Whereas Edelzwicker is a generous soul letting 50% maxim to be noble grapes and hauls a few other passenger grapes of the region such as Sylvaner, Chasselas, and/or Pinot Blanc,  to contribute to its overall character. The result is a symphony of citrus and orchard fruit all wrapped into this lovely bottle of deliciousness. This pirate stole this sociable Edelswicker for 6 Euros! 


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