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Franck Massard may have started his wines out of a shed in Northeastern Spain, but his wines are made nothing out of a shed. Frank a Master of Wine title is no rookie to the wine business. He has held court on restaurant floors since 1996. The lust for the wines of Spain led him to produce his own label and leave the hospitality business. I’m sure his wife was happy about that! Thus, contemporary wine producer Franck Massard became solidly built into Spain’s wine industry in 2004.

His tireless effort was to collaborate with growers, not other winemakers. He was smart to acknowledge seeking growers to make quality wine. Most of his efforts centered around Priorat DOQ, famously known for long long-aged Grenache Rojo. It’s home to one of the most sought after wines in the world, by Alvaro Palacios, L’Ermita. The apple doesn’t fall far away from the tree, and he wanted to produce this bold sparkler, just as bold as the wines coming from the state of Catalunya. Catalunya is the traditional method sparkling capital of Spain, what they refer to as CAVA.

However, this wine is not about French-born Franck Massard, who was named sommelier of the year by the Brits. That’s an impressive award since the British and the French have had a long historical hate affair. No, the review is about a traditionally made cava made for the ages. 

This personable bubby, Mas Sardana, by Franck, Massard, manages to bring out the Champagne into Spain’s soils. It’s delicately rich, with ripe apples, spicy ginger, zesty Meyer lemons, and the aromas of rain on orchards fruits over the morning sunshine. The aromas are sharp, and the flavors are succulent… Who out there looks for Cava beyond overpromoted Prosecco and overvalued Champagne?


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