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This wine is made with the same personality by hands who made it. Don’t go associating it with a cooperative or any large corporation, Terra Bianca is carefully crafted by a single winemaker, Dominic Hentall. No, he’s not Italian, but he managed to transport southern Italy in a single bottle. This flying winemaker has traveled extensively to different countries, but he has a soft spot for Italy’s heel, Puglia.

(Flying winemakers are winemakers that finish harvest in their hemisphere and find other wine projects in different hemispheres before their next harvest begins. The win-win is they teach the techniques they know to other producers while they pick up new ones from them!) 

 It’s a wine with a very unusual combination named after the sandy white soils, Terra Bianca, that lends many of its wines with perfumed aromas. Puglia is synonymous with the massive King red grape Primitivo, (AKA Red Zinfandel). So if you have a king, this wine could easily be his chosen mistresses. It is beautifully crafted from four different grapes: Savoury Fiano, musky Malvasia, the Belle of the ball Chardonnay, and feisty Sauvignon Blanc. They harmoniously coexist together like perfect roommates complimenting each other’s strengths and weaknesses 


On the nose, I get fleshy peaches, yellow bruised apples, sweet basil, zest lemon, and musky orange undertones. On the palate, it floats effortlessly like a cloud. It’s gently dry, acid is bright, follows the nose with ripe stone fruits, zesty pesto coating the mid-palate, lifted with briny green olives, and finishes pleasantly with a lemon pepper finish. Many foodies would say artichokes are hard to pair with wine, and I found myself craving a bowl of fried artichokes dipped in aioli with a bottle of this beauty. Any thoughts?


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